I grew up a mile southeast St. Edward, Nebraska. Once I was old enough I spent countless hours climbing on the nearby bluffs and swimming the Beaver Creek. I got to know my corner of the world very well. There was always time to investigate little details that caught my attention. Wherever you are, if you really look, you’ll find something special.

Today my wife, Barb, and I live in Omaha. We like to travel as much as we can. Like many people, once we’ve seen enough beautiful pictures from a particular spot, we try to figure out what it would take to get there. I think most people feel the temptation to photograph the iconic thing that brought them to that wonderful spot. I sure do. But, I also try to use the skills I learned out in the hills and pastures around my childhood home. Often times the best picture isn’t what you came to see. If you open your senses, the best picture might reveal itself.

I shoot slide film for color and print film for black and white. My images are printed on metallic paper. I don’t use any filters on the camera lens or do any computer manipulation. For me, if the light isn’t right it isn’t right.

Barb and I have been able to visit several wonderful places in our short seven years together. We’re a team. That makes these pictures happen. Even when I don’t get the shot I was hoping for, which is often, seeing it all with her makes a memory. That’s better than a slide. And sometimes when I don’t get that shot, she does.

I love the pursuit of a good picture. It means early mornings, sore feet, cold fingers and bug bites. But, every day there’s a sunrise and a sunset and places like Tuscany, the Sandhills and the backyard. With the right light, eyes wide open and luck, once in a while that special picture reveals itself.

I hope you enjoy them,